Road Trippin’ 

Giving employees an opportunity to refresh and recharge is a core component of work life at Oki-Doki. After a time of remote and hybrid work in a pandemic era, the importance of a company get-together was even more important in order to re-connect and facilitate relationships. The annual staff trip to Sheraton, Kosgoda Resort on […]

We Don’t Like Cricket, We Love It 

Always pursuing unique opportunities for growth has been the cornerstone Oki-Doki’s work mantra. Keeping this in mind, the company recently held a cricket tournament for employees at the Buddadasa Grounds, Pelawatte. As cricket is a game that almost everyone is familiar with, it was the perfect choice for a team-building activity. The event was not […]

Some Beach Action! 

In an effort to pledge its support to the community and environment, Oki-Doki employees participated in a clean-up of the Bundala Beach on the 15th and 16th of October. The event was a great opportunity for all to contribute towards a greater cause, while promoting meaningful connections between the local community and team members themselves. […]

That’s How We Roll  

The staff of Oki-Doki recently took to the bowling alley at Excel World on the 4th of December 2022, with a team building and entertainment activity. The fun-filled game created a platform for employees to provide positive encouragement, while further enhancing their interpersonal relationships with each other. This in turn, eventually translated back into Oki-Doki’s […]